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Oroglas® Special care

Product range
Hand using a purple cleaner spray on a light blue background

Oroglas® products are beautiful and like any other high-quality material, it is worth looking after properly.

To maintain their quality, Oroglas® developed a range of necessary related “Special care products”.

Gluing Oroglas® sheets and blocks yields excellent results. The line of Oroglas®  adhesives provides for outstanding aesthetic effects. The mechanical properties will depend on the glue that is used.

Care Products

Oroglas® Special Care Cleaner

Ref: 533 10002

Oroglas® Special Care Polish 1

Ref: 530 10002

Oroglas® Special Care Polish 2

Ref: 531 10002

Finishing agent for use after Polish 1


Oroglas® Special Care Adhesive P10

 Ref: 526 11002

Dual component polymerizable glue, industrial adhesive for strong mechanical resistance.

Oroglas® Special Care Adhesive S2003E

Ref: 525 40002

Single component solvent glue. High viscosity. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Can be used to bond elements for a variety of applications.

Oroglas® Special Care Adhesive S2002

Ref: 525 50002


Single component solvent glue. Low viscosity. Can be used to bond elements for a variety of applications.