Oroglas® Blocks & Blocks LED

Product range
6 Oroglas blocks aligned

Classic or special, Oroglas® blocks offer so many possibilities and cost-efficient solutions, for furniture, lighting, industrial pieces, etc. Browse our blocks!

Easy to machine!

A resistant and easy to transform PMMA monobloc

  • Play with the light:

- by spreading light uniformly or by backlighting with opaque blocks

  • With simplified fabrication steps:

- only one material to machine, without gluing, a reduced maintenance!

  • And economical!

Oroglas® blocks' thickness: 30 to 90mm

They are perfect for all sizes, even the smallest one.

Let's imagine your new sign, furniture or display...


Oroglas® Block Opal brilliant

Ref: 860 00400

A white brillant block diffusing light.

Oroglas® Block Black

Ref: 860 07990

Dark, simple, unique and totally opaque.

Oroglas® Block Clear

Ref: 860 00000

Classic Oroglas® block.

Blocks LED

Oroglas® Block LED Red

Ref: 860 01410

An eye-catching colour.

Oroglas® Block LED Pink

Ref: 860 01357 - NEW

Pimp your message with this pink pop colour.

Oroglas® Block LED Blue

Ref: 860 02332

A beautiful and intense blue.

Oroglas® Block LED Green

Ref: 860 04603

Feel and think the nature with this bright green.

Oroglas® Block LED Yellow

Ref: 860 03611

Make your ambiance acidic.

Oroglas® Block LED Orange

Ref: 860 05620

A tropical breath.

5 colored phials, blue, red, orange, yellow and green