Sneeze guards, between safety and aesthetics

Cast acrylic sheets have been widely used for making sneeze guards these last months. The exceptional properties of this material fit perfectly with the required characteristics: transparency, barrier effect, lightness, UV resistance, thermoformability and machining,... but our cast sheets collection give you even more. You don't have to choose between safety and aesthetics!


In bars, company offices, hospitals, supermarkets, public offices, labs and more, protective screens are being installed everywhere to protect staff and customers from unwanted airborn droplets. The protection screen characteristics needed can change from one place to another, depending on its usage and its environment. Oroglas® cast acrylic sheets give much more key benefits than the primary PMMA characterisics:



  • Elegant collections to decorate and bring an unique aesthetic touch to the place where the protective screen will be placed.
  • A specific range with resistance properties.

Smart and elegance

Two cast acrylic sheets families

  • Collection: The fundamental ranges with clear or opal, white or smoked, and transparent coloured sheets.
  • Rythm: Magical ranges playing with light, illuminating your designs with fluorescent effects and an infinity of colours. Other trendy ranges with an exceptional aesthetic, visual and tactile experiences combining technicality with modernity. Available in glossy or satin (one or two faces)

Greater durability

In some places, the protective screen is more subject to aggressive products or cleaning. In order to respond to this constraint, Altuglas International has developed a specific range to enhance sheet lifetime.

  • Oroglas® Must

Special grade with an optimum chemical resistance avoiding crazing or deterioration of the protection screen when it is in frequent contact with certain chemical agents. This grade offers enhanced protection and longer lifetime.