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Oroglas®, a dependable brand

Oroglas® is the industrial brand of PMMA and an experienced and dependable partner: PMMA has been our business for over 55 years, with a 10-year warranty on clear cast sheet.

Who are we?

Oroglas®, a dependable brand

PMMA has been our business for over 55 years.

Quality products and services:

We stand behind our products with a 10-year warranty on clear cast sheet.


Oroglas® is a dynamic brand. Oroglas® is a team of committed people who are personally involved in your projects – from the fabricator to the retailer of your PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) sheet and blocks and its related products.

Oroglas® Cast sheet and blocks mapping in a pink petal shape

Why Oroglas®??

From my German father, I have inherited my transparency – Glas.

My Spanish mother told me how important I am. I am the world reference for bright and precious material – Oro.

Oroglas®, my name is protected all over Europe and beyond….


What are PMMA acrylic sheet and blocks?

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is the chemical name for acrylic glass.

PMMA in cast sheet form has numerous industrial applications. It is also used in the manufacture of everyday products such as visual communication tools (the new generation of LED signs, merchandisers, poster holders, etc.), home furnishings and decor.


Oroglas® main markets are:

  • architecture and design
  • construction
  • automotive
  • transportation
  • consumer goods
  • solar and photovoltaic

Oroglas® is a registered trademark belonging to the Arkema group.

Colorful Oroglas® acrylic glass sheet with hearts engraved